Ridge Creek

A Safe and Serene weekend gateway awaits you!

A Safe and Serene weekend gateway awaits you!

Ridge Creek is a great place thriving with life spread over 100 acres. Imagine staying in a farmhouse amidst hens, roosters, cows, and hundreds of trees surrounding you, large expanse of golden grass and green leaves of trees swaying to the wind heighten your spirits with an amazing feeling. Enjoy your weekend stay at your own farmhouse away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This blissful experience fills you with an incredible and unforgettable ecstasy


Protected farm-units

  • Ridge Creek gives you a well-laid out farm- units in the land parcel with all legal compliances.
  • Each of the farm-unit would be surveyed while allotting and there would be a fence for the entire property. 
  • The typical village farm staff would be employed for day-to-day farm maintenance.


Kodangal is a beautiful village surrounded by greenery and hillocks which is best suitable as a quick weekend place that you can hop into and just relax amid nature.

Build a Green Shade of Your Own

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