Colina Fields

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A true Zen experience awaits you at Colina Fields

Colina Fields is strategically situated close to the upcoming Regional Ring Road (RRR), IIT Hyderabad, Logistics Hub, Freight Terminal, and NTPC’s proposed 1000 MW gas based power plant. This land aggregate spread over 130+ acres presents a promising prospect in a property that is legally safe and can assure substantial returns in the near future.

As you walk through the tracks, formed by the bullock carts, the large expanse of golden grass and green leaves of trees swaying to the wind heighten the amazing feeling. As you move further and tread on the little rocks and see the peacocks flying from the perch, the melodious song of the Koel singing to finds its mate – now you will be filled with unimaginable ecstasy. This is Colina Fields.

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