Enjoy the tranquility of nature

Your Friendly Farm House Commune

Your Friendly Farm House Commune

As life continues to get hectic in cities, everyone looks outside of our concrete confines for that respite. We do have occasional long-distance getaways that we can escape to if we can sneak a week of leave from work and coordinate kids’ schools and our work life around the same time. But those become tedious too soon and instead of giving respite leave you jaded. What is required and what everyone now dreams of is an accessible ‘farm house’ that you can call your own.

A Quick Weekend Gateway

A quick weekend place that you can hop into and just relax amid nature. The icing on the cake would if it could have a small community facility with security and maintenance take care of. Now getting all of this is a tad difficult if you want to vet and buy land on your own and more importantly create that ambiance of the farmhouse. That’s where organized and professional players like Natura Commune come in. 

Our Latest Launch

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A Farmland Project at Jeenugurala, Telangana